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221 South Main Street • Chelsea, MI 48118 Non-Profit Org. Postage Paid Chelsea, MI Permit #28 POSTAL PATRON Printed with vegetable based inks Powered by 100% Certified Renewable Energy Printed in Michigan by Michigan Workers ChelseaDistrictLibrary ChelseaLibrary Perspectives In our Summer publication, we'll be posting answers to the question "What literary fantasy destination do you want to visit?" Please email your response to by March 30, 2018. " Chelsea High School Teens polled CHS staff and students to find out: What animals they relate to, and why. " Dugong - I' m fat." N ick Long "Seahorse - they are ded i cated , lo ya l, and cari ng ." K i m D av is "Eagl e - no constrai nts, it f i es free ." M au ree n L i b e rty "Betta Fish - I fi g h t w it h r oo m m a te s ." Ka ti e M i nn ick "G iraff e - I w an t to be fr ee ." Br enn a G u st afso n "Bear - big , strong , but I have a soft s i de . " Sa m Lo n g "Turtle - cause I' m slow ." Ja de Ger weck " W o lf - it's a pack an i mal." D eb r a Li ber ty "S l o th - I' m l azy." Maggie Duve "G orilla - they ar e strong and c ool." Ada m Pau l " T i ger - t hey are m a j es tic and fi e rc e." M addie C er ven y "Ca t - I crave attention an d don 't t ou ch m e." Tori M ille r "B illy G oat - I g e t angry so m eti m es." De v on O l m stead "E l ephant - b ig and m i ght y." Shel by W illson " A l paca - ta ll a nd li kes sl e ep ." Liliana I m bod e n " "Panda - I han g ar ound ." Trisha B o wm an

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