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221 South Main Street • Chelsea, MI 48118 Non-Profit Org. Postage Paid Chelsea, MI Permit #28 POSTAL PATRON Printed with vegetable based inks Powered by 100% Certified Renewable Energy Printed in Michigan by Michigan Workers ChelseaDistrictLibrary ChelseaLibrary mits it was an unwise decision, but it also worked. Two years after Can You Fly, Johnston released This Perfect World, which became a massive critical and commercial success, and led to a Rolling Stone Magazine Songwriter of the Year award, beating out the likes of Kurt Cobain. This was the height of Johnston's fame: it was MTV videos, be- ing discussed in major music magazines, and playing packed venues, but it was also somewhat of a case of too much too soon. Johnston says he now understands Elektra wanted to make him a big star, but he just wasn't ready for it. And not only that, but the industry was about to go through a massive change. "It was the last gasp of the old record deals," he reminisces. "It's kind of weird to think of it like that, but I was one of the last artists to be given the full throttle." Johnston saw out the final three records on his Elektra deal without the same level of fanfare, and then put out a few live albums and a record of his early 4-track recordings, before returning full-fledged to the studio in 2009 for Rain on the City. He'd become the type of Indie artist that he was much more comfortable with and he followed up with 2015's Neon Repairman, his most well-received work in years. Neon Repairman marked two major changes in Johnston's recording process. The first was funding the album with a Kickstarter campaign and the second was self-producing the record. Crowd- sourcing is something Johnston believes is now a reality for Indie artists—in fact he compares it to electricity, in that there just isn't another viable way; but he says he won't dabble in self-production again—that was a one-time deal. Currently, Johnston is working on purchasing the sole rights to Can You Fly and releasing This Perfect World on vinyl for the first time. He's also back in the studio recording some of the strongest material he believes he's ever written. In terms of his songwriting process, Johnston says he writes music on the guitar and then records to tape. When he fills enough tapes, he listens back and chooses the songs he likes best, and only then starts putting words to the music. He admits it's a long, arduous process and the songs go through multiple iterations before becom- ing a finished product. For instance, two of the new songs he's just recorded, he says, have been worked on for possibly as long as 15 years and at the very least five. For that reason, he wouldn't particularly recommend his writing process to anyone else, but stresses finding what works best for the individual songwriter. The one piece of advice he would offer, however, is to find people to play music with. "Try to find a band and do your best to stick with it. That's the only advice that I would give my former self. If I'd done that I would have been much further ahead," he says. FREEDY JOHNSTON …continued from pg. 4 • Connect with Friends! • Stay Healthy! • Easy Drop-off Points for Parents! Start the SCHOOL YEAR off on the RIGHT FOOT! Offering More than Books at CDL! Through a donation by Arlene B. Howe, we now have a Bike Repair Station on the southwest corner of the library. You can't miss it—it's orange! Available 24/7 to bikers of all ages. It's equipped with a pump, tire gauge, and the necessary tools to get you back on the road! WEDNESDAYS 7:20am Throughout the school year Locations below Kickoff Walk Wednesday Sep. 12 North Creek Students: Clocktower Commons Parking Lot, 350 N. Main South Meadows & Beach Students: Chelsea District Library Photo credit: Chris Carroll (pg.5) and Dina Regine (pg. 12).

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